Specialized in the respiratory and aerosol therapy fields only and endowed with multiple knowledge and know-how, Cynbiose Respiratory will intervene in various studies (proof of concept, PK / PD, imaging, evaluation of inhalation devices, …) by providing an custom- made and high quality service as well as scientific and technical advice that will establish real trust with our clients and promote real partnerships.

Cynbiose Respiratory will also expand its skills and portfolio of in vivo models to continuously meet the specific needs, deadlines and constraints of each client. Our goal is to always ensure efficiency, quality and accountability.

Cynbiose Respiratory team consists of on-site scientific experts and technicians specialized in preclinical animal models of lung diseases and aerosol therapy. Our facilities are designed for animal experimentation, imaging and aerosol delivery. Additionally, we have an in-house laboratory for sample preparation, handling, bioanalysis and storage.


Cynbiose Respiratory has extensive experience in in vivo models for respiratory studies and preclinical assessment of aerosoltherapies in the non-human primate model.

Experimental models of respiratory pathologies

  • Models of viral, bacterial and fungal respiratory infection
  • Models of pulmonary inflammation and infection

Experimental models for the study of aerosols

  • Models of pulmonary/nasal deposition in animals spontaneously breathing, anesthetized and under mechanical ventilation
  • Models of biodistribution and PK after drug inhalation/aerosolization
  • A unique model of pulmonary microdialysis in macaques to follow the kinetic of inhaled drugs in the targeted organ.

We also perform lung function measurement and bioanalysis in the foregoing animal models, including:

  • the respiratory function
  • the immune response
  • the quantification of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) or lesions (tumor, fibrosis,…)
  • the lung tissue remodeling.

For drug candidates that aim at targeting the Central Nervous System, we can evaluate in partnership with Cynbiose, Nose-to-Brain delivery strategies that allow to circumvent the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) and deliver drugs to the brain.

Full in vitro services for aerosoltherapies

Cynbiose Respiratory also offers related services such as:

  • Aerosol metrology to analyze aerosol aerodynamical properties, in accordance to european and american pharmacopoeia
  • Expertise to select aerosol devices (nasal, lung) and develop inhaled formulation
  • Bioequivalence studies

Please contact us to further discuss your needs in respiratory studies and learn how Cynbiose Respiratory can assist you to accelerate the development of your drug and/or device R&D programs.